Making Money Ideas For Kids

Making money ideas for kids is being discussed just about everywhere right now. The economy has been down too long, taking a lot of jobs with it. Available jobs are being filled by people laid off from their regular jobs, making the job market even tighter, especially for kids.

In reality youngsters under the age of 16 have always had a hard time finding any work that wasn’t menial in nature. Insurance clauses, labor laws and lack of meaningful work experience has kept them out of higher paying jobs forever. Only part-time work is possible during the school term and just three short months in the summer don’t allow much time to earn anything meaningful.

Mowing lawns, paper routes, summer work with a relative or paid chores for neighbors have been the traditional methods of making money ideas for the average kid. They don’t require much in the way of cash to get going, but they also don’t return much either. They also require a lot of physical work in most cases, which doesn’t appeal to your average kid these days.

Why not put our thinking caps on and see if we can come up with making money ideas for kids that might be better suited to today’s young person? Ones that might even yield a better return and let the kid have some fun at the same time. The following are just two we came up with.

Taking and uploading digital photos to a stock photography website might be a making money for kids opportunity. You might even get the whole family in on it as well. As it is, the websites require the person who opens the account must be at a minimum of 18 years of age. or, Mom or Dad could just open it and give their kid the user name and password.

The idea is this, do a search on the Internet for stock photo sites like where you can upload digital photos according to their guidelines. Once there, the photos can be seen by ad agencies, graphics artists, webpage designers and anyone else looking for new fresh content. If they choose to download your photo, you get paid about 20% of the total fee as a commission as a making money idea for kids.

Kids seem to have an innate ability to operate electronic equipment so operating a digital camera will be a snap for them. So turning this into a making money for kids project won’t include much of a learning curve at all. Young people also possess a fresh and uncluttered mind that may well lead them to take photos you or I would never think of. They may post to the website content that is unlike what others are doing. They may get noticed for this by the potential buyers and start getting paid for the downloads.

Working with pets might be another making money idea for kids. I’m talking vertically integrating here. From dog walking to pet sitting to grooming and even poop scooping if possible. There are over 60 million dog owners in this country and most dote on their pets, especially dogs. Take advantage of this phenomenon by getting your kid involved. Dog owners will spend on their pet’s well being before their own sometimes.

Pet walking and pet sitting don’t require any special training. Just make sure to be careful and respectful of the owner’s pet and property. Many people are just too busy to do these things themselves and will be happy to find someone responsible enough to do it for them.

Dog grooming will require a little work as a making money idea for kids. Most people like to have their dog groomed or at least bathed on a regular basis and many don’t want to do it themselves. If you got the word out that your kid would be willing to come to their house, bringing everything you need for a good bath and comb-out and do it for a price less than the grooming shop, you might just having a willing crowd. If people found a way to avoid making appointments, taking the dog to a grooming shop, picking them back up in rush hour traffic and still pay less, it would just make common sense they would jump at the idea. Provided of course that it was not a prize poodle needing a fussy haircut.

Groomers earn pretty good money these days and it could be another facet of your niche of pet care as a making money idea for kids. Currently pet owners are saddled with the routine of making appointments, then the hassle of delivering and picking up the animal from the shop (usually in rush hour traffic). Offering an in-home grooming service could prove very attractive to many pet owners. You could pick simple and advanced grooming skills from websites, books or videos and add to your list of services.

And if you really want to add to your ultimate list of pet offerings as a making money ideas for kids, you could perform poop scooping too. It’s really a simple process provided you get over the “ugh” factor. Buy a scoop, a hotel-style dust pan and some plastic bags and you’re in business. Schedule regular weekly stops and you’ll likely have many people scrambling to get on your list. It’s a valued service in many parts of the country.

Well, it seems like these two job concepts might work for us. Can you think of anymore making money ideas for kids?