Legitimate Make Money Online Ways – 3 Methods To Earn Cash Online Legally

There are many ways to make money on the internet. There is the legal way and there is the illegal way. Most illegal methods have mostly to do with gambling and also get rich quick schemes. Most of them normally rip you off of your money and run away with it once you have invested a large amount with them. However there are legitimate way to make money on the internet and in this article i will share with you a few legitimate make money online ways.

The first way is to write a blog and monetize it. What this means is to write for money. You can make money with the blog in many ways. One way is by selling advertising space. Most advertisers will want to put their ads up in your blog if you are able to get lots of people to your site everyday. If you have a high traffic blog, you can sell ads space at a very high price. The higher your traffic, the higher you can charge for placing an ad at your blog.

The next way is by doing affiliate marketing with your blog. You can do this in various ways. There is the recommendation approach where you write a story about you have an initial problem and then revealing what you did to solve the problem. For example if you wanted to train your dog to use the toilet, you can say that your dog has been peeing all over the house and you got very frustrated and tried many methods to train it to use the toilet but you failed every time. Then you say that your friend introduced you an ebook and you applied what you learn from it and now your dog is able to use the toilet. These are legitimate make money online ways.

The next way will be through writing reviews of a product you bought. Lets say you already bought a product or service online and you really loved it. What you can do is write a review based on your experience and share it with your readers. Tell them what the product is about, what you thought about it before buying it and after buying it. Then explain what you liked about it and what could be improved. Then overall give it an honest rating. After which put a link to the merchants web site and if your readers purchase the product too, you will earn commissions.

All these methods which I have shared with you are all legitimate make money online ways and they are proven to work. So start writing your blog immediately and i wish you all the best in your online money making venture.